Risk Assessment Program Breast Cancer Patient Stories

  • Amy Dysart

    Amy Dysart

    When she was a teenager, Amy Dysart's world was turned upside down. That is when her mother, Gail, 38, was diagnosed with breast cancer. "When she had a recurrence of her cancer at age 42, my mom was treated by the best doctors at Fox Chase, but unfortunately she passed away." It was 1988 and Amy was only 20 years old. She also lost her maternal grandmother, great grandmother and three great aunts to breast cancer.

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  • Denise Portner

    Denise Portner

    Both Denise Portner's mother and aunt are breast cancer survivors who were diagnosed at age 60. Both underwent genetic testing and learned they carried the BRCA2 genetic mutation, that indicates an increased risk of breast cancer. In May of 2008, Denise and her sister underwent genetic testing, and it was determined that Denise was also a carrier.

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  • Linda Stockman-Vines

    Linda Stockman-Vines

    Linda Stockman-Vines considers herself lucky. She has been closely monitored by the doctors at Fox Chase Cancer Center since 1993, but does not have cancer. Instead, Linda has a strong family history of cancer and wants to do all she can to avoid getting cancer if she can.

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  • Kathy Rozanski

    Kathy Rozanski

    Kathy Rozanski will never forget November 14, 2007. It was the day after her father-in-law died from complications from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma ... AND her mother was diagnosed with Stage II invasive ductal carcinoma. Not a good day.

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  • Jane Tervooren

    Jane Tervooren

    Jane Tervooren knows all too well how precious life can be. As the marketing director of one of the largest fertility practices in New Jersey, she watches women who struggle with getting pregnant and who want nothing more than to experience the miracle of childbirth. She also knows how fragile life can be after losing her mother and grandmother too soon to ovarian cancer.

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