Neuroendocrine Carcinoma Patient Stories

  • Chris Kalargheros

    Chris Kalargheros

    In April 2008, Chris Kalargheros, a Vice President at Merrill Lynch, was at the top of the world after he and his wife, Liz, became the proud new parents of twins – a boy and a girl. Then, he began to experience abdominal pain that landed him in the hospital a few times. An MRI of the abdomen showed lesions on Chris’s liver and a mass on his pancreas. “My whole world came crashing down,” admitted Chris, who was only 33 years old and an active soccer and basketball player. 

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  • Barry Dixon

    Barry Dixon

    Neuroendocrine Tumor of the Liver

    In September 2009, Barry Dixon was living and working in South Carolina with his fiancé, Patti, and their baby boy, Robert Phillip. As a maintenance technician for an apartment management firm, Barry performed a lot of physical labor. One day, while helping his cousin move, Barry thought he pulled something in his abdominal area. He went to the doctor on a Friday, who ordered further testing for the following Monday. But over the weekend, Barry’s pain was unbearable and he was admitted to the Emergency Room at his local hospital where he learned he had a tumor in his liver.

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