Loretta Denofa

Colon Cancer Patient Stories

Loretta Denofa

Loretta Denofa

"I don't have cancer. I was not treated at Fox Chase Cancer Center, but the doctors there saved my life. How? Because my mom had cancer and Dr. Farma saved her life. My mom is my world. She is my best friend," shared Angela Denofa, whose mother, Loretta, was surgically treated for colon cancer at Fox Chase in 2009.

Loretta Denofa was 62 when she had her first colonoscopy performed. She had experienced bloody stools and her doctor suggested the procedure. Her daughter, Angela, recalled, "When my mom's local doctor shared the results - that my mom had colon cancer - he showed no empathy. He wanted to schedule her for surgery without explaining the recovery process. My mother and I left that appointment feeling scared, confused and hopeless."

Angela noted that her father had been treated at Fox Chase Cancer Center several years before and had excellent care. She made an appointment with Jeffrey Farma, MD, a surgical oncologist who specializes in treating patients with gastrointestinal cancers.

"The people who work at Fox Chase not only do their jobs, but go beyond the call of duty."

"We chose Fox Chase because every staff member is an expert in his or her field," said Loretta. "The people who work at Fox Chase not only do their jobs, but go beyond the call of duty. It is very clear that they genuinely care about their patients."

"As soon as we met Dr. Farma, we had no doubt that this was the doctor who would save my mother's life. And he did," shared Angela. "Dr. Farma gave us hope, he gave us his time, his compassion and made us feel comfortable. He alleviated so many fears that we had. Everyone else we have encountered at Fox Chase has been the same - offering quality care and compassion. Something you don't find often."

By using a minimally invasive surgical technique, Dr. Farma helped to ease Loretta's recovery.

Loretta underwent surgery to remove the tumor on her colon. Dr. Farma performed a minimally invasive, laparoscopic removal of a portion of her colon.

"You cannot ask for a better doctor than Dr. Farma."

"You cannot ask for a better doctor than Dr. Farma. He is the picture of what every physician should strive to be like. He is excellent in his field, kind and respectful. He treated my mother with so much compassion, while providing her with the best care possible."

This experience has made Angela and her mom realize the importance of family. It has helped Loretta understand the importance of getting routine testing done. Angela wants to help others who are battling cancer. She has enrolled in the volunteer program at Fox Chase. "I want to make a difference to others as the staff did for my mother."

"You will receive the best care possible at Fox Chase."

"I cannot say it enough - please, please, please get routine testing done," pleaded Angela, whose mother's motto had always been "I don't want to look for trouble." If Loretta had not been checked when she was, she may not be here today. Angela added, "If you were just diagnosed, you will receive the best care possible at Fox Chase. They give you hope, compassion and the best treatment possible. Never give up hope."