Rosalie Fox

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Rosalie Fox

Rosalie Fox

Although Rosalie Fox was widowed in 1981 at the age of 60, she is far from lonely. Her 6 children, 16 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren keep her busy. In 1990, Rosalie had her annual physical examination. Blood tests showed that she was anemic. Further testing would determine she had a blockage that was caused by colon cancer.

"I made up my mind immediately that I was coming to Fox Chase Cancer Center."

"I made up my mind immediately that I was coming to Fox Chase Cancer Center. I had heard the line 'all we do is cancer' and I knew that's where I should be treated," recalled Rosalie. "Plus, my daughter is a nurse and wanted me here. If I had not suggested it myself, she would have."

"I trusted Dr. Hoffman's judgment, and look at me today!"

Dr. John Hoffman, a surgical oncologist at Fox Chase, performed the surgery. Lab results determined Rosalie's lymph nodes were clear. He did not suggest further treatment with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. "Although my kids were concerned, I trusted Dr. Hoffman's judgment, and look at me today!" said Rosalie.

"The nursing staff was fabulous."

"During my hospital stay I met many staff members. Everyone at Fox Chase was wonderful. The nursing staff was fabulous, which is important because they are the people who really take care of the patients," explained Rosalie.

A routine mammogram revealed early stage breast cancer.

In 2009, Rosalie had a routine mammogram at Fox Chase, which showed a suspicious spot. Further testing revealed that Rosalie had early stage breast cancer. She met with Dr. Richard Bleicher, a surgical oncologist specializing in breast cancer treatment.

Rosalie underwent a lumpectomy, in which Dr. Bleicher removed the sentinel lymph node, which was clear. She urges others to have routine screenings. "My colon cancer was found because I had an annual physical and the breast cancer was detected during a routine test."

"I owe Dr. Hoffman, and now Dr. Bleicher, all these years!"

Other than her recent bout with breast cancer, Rosalie is considered to be in excellent health. "Ever since my treatment, the doctors here have kept a close eye on me. I owe Dr. Hoffman, and now Dr. Bleicher, all these years!" explained Rosalie.

She is grateful to be alive and well. Rosalie often considers all of the things she would have missed if both cancers would have gone untreated - babies, weddings, graduations and holidays with her family.

Rosalie signed up to be a Fox Chase volunteer.

In 1999, when Fox Chase opened its Cancer Prevention Pavilion, Rosalie signed up to be a volunteer and was an asset to the Admissions Department. On any given Thursday, you would find her cheerful face in Admissions, making deliveries to the patient floors or in one of the offices filing. "Everybody is so nice at Fox Chase. It kept me coming back every week. They paid me with their warm hugs and kisses," said Rosalie, who volunteered at Fox Chase for over 10 years.

Another place you might have seen Rosalie was displaying her work at the Annual Art Show at Fox Chase. After retiring, Rosalie took art classes at Holy Family College and has become a talented artist using oil and watercolor paint.

"As you can see, I don't like to sit still. At almost 90, I live alone, drive a car, read several books each week and do lunch, dinner and go to the theater. I also like to travel," said Rosalie.