Liver Cancer (Bile Duct Cancer) Patient Stories

  • Jessica Basciano

    Jessica Basciano

    Primary Liver Cancer

    Jessica Basciano is a proven fighter. At 31 years old and 31 weeks into her pregnancy with her second daughter, doctors discovered a large mass on her liver. After 5 weeks of bed rest, and the delivery of a healthy baby girl, Jessica had an MRI and was diagnosed with an adenoma, or a non-cancerous mass. In August of 2003, Jessica had the mass removed at a well-respected Philadelphia hospital. Shortly afterward, she learned that the mass was cancerous. Jessica had primary liver cancer.

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  • David Dougherty

    David Dougherty

    Hepatocellular (Liver) Cancer

    In 2005, David Dougherty was busy running a restaurant when he underwent testing for some medical issues. During an MRI, his doctor discovered a mass on his liver. Unsure of whether the mass was cancer, David's family doctor referred him to an oncologist. "Once we learned it was liver cancer, they referred me to Fox Chase," recalled David. "My friend had been treated at Fox Chase for cancer on his face and he was very happy with his outcome."

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  • Donald Ebaugh

    Donald Ebaugh

    Bile Duct Cancer

    In his mid 70s, Donald Ebaugh is likely one of the most active retirees in Delaware. After retiring from the State's Medical Laboratory Division in Dover as a medical lab technician, he devoted much of his time to caring for horses, both as a trainer and rider.

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  • Jean Kupiec

    Jean Kupiec

    Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    In late 2004, Jean Kupiec, who was 72 at the time, had a CAT Scan that revealed a shadow on her liver. After further testing and analysis of the results, Jean was told that she had a cancerous tumor on the small part of her liver.

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  • John Craig

    John Craig

    As far as John Craig is concerned, Dr. Nestor Esnaola is a doctor second to none. The 73-year-old retired postal worker had been feeling lucky in his life. Then after the sudden loss of his grandson, John ended up in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer in May 2013. Tests revealed something more: John had liver cancer.

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