Head and Neck Cancer Patient Stories

  • William Buehler

    William Buehler

    By the winter of 2006, Bill Buehler had suffered long enough with pain in his mouth. After several trips to the dentist, no one could provide a definitive diagnosis. His teeth continued to bother him so Bill decided to see a new dentist. By the time he arrived at his first appointment, most of Bill's lower jaw had dissintegrated. After one look at the x-rays, his new dentist could not hide the concern in his eyes. Bill suspected immedately that something was wrong and it was.

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  • Tricia Cantwell

    Patricia Cantwell

    Imagine being 33 years old going to the dentist because you have pain in your mouth, likely caused by your wisdom teeth. So you have all of your wisdom teeth extracted but still have a throbbing pain. Your oral surgeon takes an x-ray and sees a bone fragment. He takes a biopsy, which is sent to a local lab, but they are unable to make a definitive diagnosis. The biopsy is then sent to the Mayo Clinic, where it is determined, 6 weeks later, that you have osteosarcoma - otherwise known as bone cancer, of the jaw.

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  • Bob Devlin

    Bob Devlin

    He survived cancer not once, but two times. At 50, Bob Devlin says his attitude is simply dealing with what life gives him; then hoping to God all goes well. With Fox Chase Cancer Center and his wife Linda, it did.

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  • Kenneth Kittel

    Kenneth Kittel

    Cancer of the Larynx

    In August 2006, Kenneth Kittel was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. He was treated with surgery at a large university teaching hospital in Philadelphia, over an hour from his home. The next course of his treatment was radiation therapy. At 300 pounds, Kenneth was told he was too large for the machine at his first appointment.

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  • Michael Kostic

    Michael Kostic

    Michael Kostic considers himself very lucky to be alive. He had retired in 1999 at the age of 61 from his job of 34 years as a toll collector on the New Jersey turnpike. Between the auto emissions and smoking cigarettes, he knew that there was a good chance cancer was in his future.

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