Kidney Cancer Patient Stories

  • Edward Babiarz

    Edward Babiarz

    Renal Cell Carcinoma

    Ed Babiarz felt as though he was freefalling. It was June 7, 2011 and he about was to turn 50 in October. He got a call at work from his doctor with upsetting news. He had recently undergone a CAT Scan to diagnosis numbness in his leg. To everyone's surprise, the test revealed revealed a tumor on Ed's left kidney.  “The word 'cancer' brought with it feelings of disbelief, despair and a total loss of control,” recalled Ed. “That was followed by fear, anger, resentment and then, finally, hope became vocabulary in my cancer journey.”

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  • Edward Bandtlow

    Edward Bandtlow

    Up until July 2008, Ed Bandtlow, a busy executive career coach, had been ignoring the suspicious spot on his face. A physician friend finally told Ed that he was long overdue to see a dermatologist. Ed, who admittedly dragged his feet too long, looked on-line for a young doctor who used cutting edge techniques. Dr. Perlis diagnosed Ed with squamous cell carcinoma (non-melanoma skin cancer) on the left side of his face. But that was only the beginning.

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  • Raymond Bebak

    Raymond Bebak

    With more than 20 years experience as a mechanical engineer at Boeing, Raymond Bebak embraces new technology. So when Ray learned he had kidney cancer, he looked for a treatment facility with the most experienced surgeons who use sophisticated tools and the latest technology.

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  • Jesus Calderon

    Jesus Calderon

    Understanding body changes and symptoms can sometimes be challenging. At age 55 in March, 2009, Jesus “Jess” Calderón was experiencing muscle spasms and lower back pain. At first he thought the pain may be caused by kidney stones. His devoted wife, Inez, suggested he see his family doctor for a full evaluation. Diagnostic scans revealed a mass the size of a cantaloupe on Jess’ left kidney.  The malignant neoplasm was treated by a nephrectomy to remove his left kidney in October 2009 at his local hospital.

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  • Patti Callahan

    Patti Callahan

    Patti Callahan doesn't consider herself an alarmist. But when ongoing symptoms of persistent back pain were followed with incidents of stress incontinence, she knew something wasn't right. Although a bulging disc and two pregnancies could have accounted for both symptoms, Patti's family doctor ordered a renal and pelvic ultrasound in June of 2009. It revealed what she had feared, a small lesion in the mid to upper section of her left kidney. A CT scan confirmed a 2.3 centimeter mass suspicious for renal cell carcinoma.

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