Kidney Cancer Patient Stories

  • Berch Harris

    Berch Harris

    While managing kidney disease and dialysis, Berch Harris fought cancer, too - and at the same time contributed more to the community than most people who work full-time jobs.

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  • Jay Hyman

    Jay Hyman

    As a master plumber, Jay Hyman’s physical job masked some of his early symptoms. “I initially began having back pain in my lower left flank and was convinced that the pain was associated with work,” recalls Jay. “I'm a master plumber and back issues are common with that type of job.”

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  • Ray Jastemski

    Ray Jastemski

    Ray Jastemski is a betting man. He enjoys traveling to watch horse races. So what are the odds on developing recurring Hodgkin's lymphoma AND a kidney tumor? For Ray, the odds were high.

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  • David Juall

    David Juall

    Renal Cell Carcinoma

    In 2006, at age 51, David Juall was a healthy, active attorney, and a pilot, who enjoyed traveling and outdoor fun.  During a court proceeding in Bucks County, he had a medical emergency and was taken to a local community hospital. It turned out he needed an emergency appendectomy. As part of his treatment, CT scans were ordered. One of the doctors discovered a suspicious spot on one of his kidneys.

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  • Mark Kabulski

    Mark Kabulski

    Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection

    Mark Kabulski and his wife, Barbara, could not have been more shocked when his papillary kidney cancer returned since he underwent surgery in December 2012 to have his kidney removed at his local hospital in New Jersey. One year later, in 2013, a follow up CAT Scan revealed four enlarged lymph nodes in the retro peritoneal cavity, next to the site of surgery. “The removal of my kidney gave me a 97 percent chance that the cancer would not return,” recalled Mark. “My doctor was as shocked as we were.”

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