Daniel Wolfson

Kidney Cancer Patient Stories

Daniel Wolfson

Daniel Wolfson

Daniel Wolfson had always thought of cancer as an incurable disease that others unfortunately had to face. He never considered that a cancer diagnosis could happen to him. He never smoked, never drank anything alcoholic inclusive of wine, and his diet was pristine. He ran five to seven miles a day and completed an impressive 12 marathons.

Just before Labor Day, Daniel was on a business trip and ran four miles of the infamous Pittsburgh hills. The next day, he woke up and found blood in his urine. "I immediately contacted my physician and was referred to a urologist. I had to wait three days for an appointment. I didn't think I could do it," explained Daniel.

Finding out he had kidney cancer

He didn't have to. The weekend prior to his appointment, he became tired, weak and unable to perform basic daily activities. He went to the Emergency Room at this local hospital only to learn his diagnosis of kidney cancer.

"Cancer happens to other people, not to me."

"When the ER physician left the room, members of my family not only were tearful but openly cried. The tears, the crying and the emotion were about the diagnosis of kidney cancer; a diagnosis I was told that would immeasurably change my life. Based on the tone of the ER physician, kidney cancer would not 'immeasurably change my life' but measurably end my life," said Daniel.

Daniel decided to seek the advice of three doctors, all of whom gave different guidelines and directives for treating this challenging disease. Daniel explained, "I then made the decision to seek out, what I believed was the best cancer facility in the country which was located in New York City."

"The best hospital for me and my cancer was not in New York City, but in Philadelphia."

At this big city hospital, Daniel did not receive the personal attention he was hoping for. "The surgeon was over scheduled, overbooked and overworked. He seemed too busy to handle my problem," said Daniel. He returned home to look for cancer treatment elsewhere.

"My fight against this disease had been won."

Daniel's first appointment was with Dr. Robert Uzzo, a surgical oncologist at Fox Chase. Daniel explained, "No physician can guarantee a patient anything other than his or her highest level of competence. Dr. Uzzo performed surgery to remove my left kidney. Although I faced some medical challenges, my fight against this disease had been won."

"Fox Chase has been with me from the beginning and has guided me through a treacherous path to a summit of feeling good and extraordinary health. Thanks to Fox Chase, my passion for running continues. In May of 2008, I have a goal to participate in the "Broad Street Run," 10 mile race in Philadelphia," said Daniel.

"Fox Chase surgeons saved my life."

Daniel believes there are many factors that helped him overcome kidney cancer. "This includes the highly competent, yet sensitive staff at Fox Chase who performed the necessary surgeries and treatment that saved my life. Dr. Robert Uzzo and Dr. John Hoffman, both of whom have extraordinary talent and ability as surgeons and as human beings, monitored every aspect of my treatment and achieved spectacular results," said Daniel.

"The staff treats every individual with cancer with compassion and sensitivity."

Daniel believes, "Fox Chase Cancer Center is more than an institutional center that treats individuals with serious illness, but understands the many challenges of cancer. The entire staff, including its exceptional nurses, treats every individual with cancer with compassion and sensitivity. I was given hope, I was given health, and I was given a future with my family because of Fox Chase."