Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient Stories

  • Donald Cully

    Donald Cully

    In 2003, at the age of 61, Don Cully made a life-changing decision. He decided to quit smoking, a habit he had since he was a kid. "I smoked a pack and a half a day," he admitted. "I should have had no lungs left." Because he had been coughing a lot, Don asked his doctor for a CAT Scan. He was curious to see what his lungs looked like. Fortunately, the scan revealed emphysema and dead lung cells - but no cancer.

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  • Arlene Koller

    Arlene Koller

    Arlene Koller is no stranger to adversity. She lost her first husband when he suffered a massive heart attack, leaving Arlene with 3 small boys to care for. She was the treasurer of a wholesale paper business. After she lost her husband, Arlene added the responsibility of presidency of her late husband's chemical business. Arlene later remarried, and in 2000, she and her husband began to travel the world.

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  • Photo Coming Soon

    Charlie Gallen

    Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

    Life has not been an easy ride for Charlie Gallen. In 1975, at the age of 29, Charlie, a boilermaker, lost his arm below the elbow during a work-related accident. He recovered from the injury and learned to wear a prosthesis (an artificial extension of his arm) to retain some function of his arm and hand. Charlie, who was married with one daughter at the time, enrolled in welding school and became a full-fledged welder.

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  • Joanne Hartnett

    Joanne Hartnett

    Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Metastasis to Brain

    It was Memorial Day weekend in 1998 and Joanne Hartnett, who was about 50 at the time, was mowing the lawn. A neighbor witnessed as she passed out in the yard. Because her speech was slurred, Joanne's neighbor drove her to the emergency room at their local hospital where doctors initially suspected she had a stroke.

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  • Brian McGarvey

    Brian McGarvey

    Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

    Finding out you will soon be the "father of the bride" should be an exciting time in a man's life. Unfortunately for Brian McGarvey, the timing was bittersweet.

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