Ovarian Cancer Patient Stories

  • Doris Kramer

    Doris Kramer

    Ovarian Cancer

    In 2000, Doris Kramer lost her husband and became a widow. She tried to remain positive with that challenge, just as she had with many others in her life - suffering a stroke, losing several family members, and confronting breast cancer. With her perpetually positive outlook, Doris always looks on the bright side of life, even when faced with ovarian cancer in September 2011 at the age of 86. 

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  • Karen Mason

    Karen Mason


    As an experienced nurse in New Jersey, Karen Mason spends her days on her feet taking care of patients. In early 2000, her gynecologist reported a normal PAP smear and clear mammogram. "I assumed I was heading into another healthy year," said Karen.

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  • Sylvia Meyer

    Sylvia Meyer

    In August of 2009, 78-year-old Sylvia Meyer called her daughter Jackie complaining of stomach pain and swelling. Jackie knew something was very wrong.  ‘She was always healthy and not one to complain,” recalled Jackie. But was the beginning of a frustrating and scary time for Sylvia and her family.

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  • Jane Morse

    Jane Morse

    Metastatic Ovarian Cancer
    In 2002, at the age of 44, Jane woke up one morning feeling bloated. With her mom's situation fresh in her mind, she called her gynecologist who performed an internal exam. “I watched his face turn white," Jane recalled. Even before he ordered an ultrasound, he said he suspected ovarian cancer. “Of course, he called Dr. Morgan.” So began Jane’s own experience with Dr. Morgan, who she believes really saved her life.
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  • Donna Sweet

    Donna Sweet

    Ovarian Cancer

    Always an active person, Donna Sweet thought she’d just pulled a muscle on her left side when she experienced a sharp pain after exercising in February 2012. But by March 2012, when a jostle from her two-year-old caused her to see stars and the pain kept her up all night, she knew it was time to call her doctor.  A few days later, a pelvic CT scan revealed that her left ovary was engulfed in a mass.

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