Ovarian Cancer Patient Stories

  • Cathy Van Horn

    Cathy Van Horn

    Ovarian Cancer

    When Cathy Van Horn met with her Fox Chase Cancer Center team in 2012, she knew where things stood. “I understood that my cancer wasn’t going to be cured. The best we can do is manage my cancer and keep it at bay. The longer we can stay positive and keep moving forward, the longer I’ll be here.”

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  • Linda Xerri

    Linda Xerri

    Linda Xerri lost her mother, grandmother and aunt to breast cancer. She was well aware of her increased breast cancer risk due to her strong family history. Linda is the mother of three children and works as a youth ministry coordinator at a Catholic school in Medford, New Jersey. With so many young people counting on her, not to mention her husband, Sam, Linda could not take any chances with her health.

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