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Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer Patient Stories

Michael and Roseanne Green

Michael and his wife, Roseanne.

Michael Green was treated for prostate cancer at Fox Chase Cancer Center, and he never missed a day of work. At the age of 69, he was intent on his treatment not impacting his job, if at all possible.  Because of the targeted treatment plan and the appointment flexibility offered by radiation oncologist Shelley Hayes MD, director of Fox Chase Buckingham, Michael was able to maintain his normal lifestyle without missing a beat.

In an effort to maintain routine medical care, Michael got a blood test every six months to monitor his glucose levels. In 2011, Michael's family doctor noticed an uptick in his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, which often indicate risk of prostate cancer. With his levels still rising six months later, he sent Michael to a urologist. “The urologist tested me again, and said I should consider the possibility that I had prostate cancer," said Michael.

"I took my father-in-law there 25 years ago, so I knew the caliber of care that is standard at Fox Chase."

For Michael, Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia was the only choice for treatment. "Fox Chase is a renowned cancer treatment center,” he said. “I took my father-in-law there 25 years ago, so I knew the caliber of care that is standard at Fox Chase.”

Michael met with Dr. Hayes, who thought that because his PSA level was rising very slowly, there was no reason to be alarmed. Michael had two options for treatment. The first was active surveillance, where his doctors could monitor his levels regularly. The second was to be treated using the cutting-edge Calypso™ 4D Localization System, a four-dimensional monitoring technology that helps doctors more precisely and accurately guide radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

“Dr. Hayes is brilliant. I can’t say enough about Dr. Hayes and her staff.”

“I wanted to take care of it rather than wait,” he said. “Dr. Hayes is brilliant. She’s professional and she displays so much empathy. I can’t say enough about Dr. Hayes and her staff.”

Using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, or IMRT, Dr. Hayes was able to precisely target and deliver doses of radiation customized just for Michael’s condition. Between May and July 2011, he went for 39 treatments, five days a week, with weekends off.  

“I really felt fine during treatment,” he recalled. “The staff worked me in as the last patient of the day so I could come on my way home from work, which was ideal. Fox Chase's satellite radiation facility is conveniently located in Buckingham, PA, which made my appointments easily accessible from home and work.” Although Michael experienced some fatigue shortly after the treatment was over, that passed and he reported that he feels 100 percent today. Since treatment, Michael’s PSA levels have been low - between .8 and .9 - which indicates that everything is normal. “I have no problems at all. I’m very lucky,” he said. “I attribute my success to Dr. Hayes and Fox Chase Cancer Center.”