Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer Patient Stories

  • Michael Green

    Michael Green

    Michael Green was treated for prostate cancer at Fox Chase Cancer Center, and he never missed a day of work. At the age of 69, Michael was intent on his treatment not impacting his job, if at all possible.  Because of the targeted treatment plan and the appointment flexibility offered by radiation oncologist Shelley Hayes MD, director of Fox Chase Buckingham, Michael was able to maintain his normal lifestyle without missing a beat.

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  • Ed Horowitz

    Ed Horowitz

    During a routine exam in May 2007, Ed Horowitz's urologist told him, "Your prostate feels normal, but due to your age (69), I am going to order a PSA blood test." Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests indicate a man's risk of developing prostate cancer. Because Ed's levels were elevated, his doctor ordered a biopsy.

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  • Michael Kostic

    Michael Kostic

    Michael Kostic considers himself very lucky to be alive. He had retired in 1999 at the age of 61 from his job of 34 years as a toll collector on the New Jersey turnpike. Between the auto emissions and smoking cigarettes, he knew that there was a good chance cancer was in his future.

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  • Howard Kulp

    Howard Kulp

    Howard Kulp knows how to successfully navigate his way through life. In his younger days, Howard successfully operated a couple of IGA grocery stores. He later sold them and purchased bowling lanes. Once they were profitable, he sold them and moved on to the water business. Until he retired in 1997, Howard worked as an independent contractor selling bottled water. It seemed Howard knew how to manage the future.

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  • Ralph Sullivan

    Ralph Sullivan

    In 2009, Ralph Sullivan, of Easton, PA, was working at a demanding job as director of information technology for a global chemical company. That same year, Ralph learned he had prostate cancer. He was only 50 at the time. Although Ralph was younger than most for this diagnosis, the disease was caught in the earliest possible stage.

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