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Breast Cancer

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Fox Chase Cancer Center offers the most advanced treatment options for breast cancer.

Diagnosis from an
Internationally-Recognized Team of Experts

From mammography to PET/CT scan and MRI, the Women's Cancer Center provides standard and advanced screening for cancer.

The results are reviewed by interpreting physicians, medical physicists, and radiological technologists, and if anything results, the same physicians who can treat you are here at the facility, part of the team from the beginning.

Nurse Navigators for Individualized Care

Nurse Navigator Jessia Schol (l) guides Breast Cancer patients through the process

A Nurse Navigator will help you understand your diagnosis and answer your clinical questions from the very first call.

Starting with a woman’s first call for an appointment, our staff works with her to ensure a coordinated, streamlined experience.

When you arrive on campus, your Nurse Navigator will greet you in person and introduce you to your team of medical specialists, who will tailor an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan for you based on your diagnosis.

Meet Nurse Navigator Jessie Schol.


During a one-day visit to our Breast Evaluation Center, newly diagnosed breast cancer patients will meet your entire team of specialists (including the surgeon, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist) who will develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored especially for you.

What if my results indicate something other than cancer?
Benign breast abnormalities are commonly found in mammographies. A counselor in our Women's Cancer Center can help. Read more »

Our Breast Evaluation Center is within feet of diagnosis and treatment areas for gynecological cancers. Surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, and radiologists work side-by-side to create individualized comprehensive treatment plans for every patient.

With an expanded patient navigation program, women who become part of the Center's Breast Cancer treatment are offered individualized, compassionate care with a focus on wellness, stress reduction and quality of life and access to our full scope of research opportunities.

Your treatment options may include:

Clinical Trials for Breast Cancer

Find a Clinical Trial

Our patients have the unique opportunity to participate in nationally-conducted clinical trials for all stages of breast cancer. Many studies are developed and led by Fox Chase physicians. Clinical trials allow the most advanced treatment options and help researchers discover better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent breast cancer. Breast cancer clinical trials at Fox Chase include:

  • New phase I therapies not available anywhere else in the world
  • Studies examining a new generation of drugs called aromatase inhibitors
  • A study comparing whole breast radiation to radiation techniques that target the tumor area only

Family Risk for Breast and/or Ovarian Cancers

The Risk Assessment Program, created at Fox Chase for women with an increased risk of developing breast or ovarian cancers, provides risk counseling, genetic testing and prevention strategies.

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In addition to a full range of treatment, full mammography services are always available at the Womens Cancer Center.
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Breast Cancer Support Group
Fox Chase Cancer Center hosts a monthly support group for breast cancer patients. Read more »

NAPBC Accredited
Breast Cancer Program

NAPBC accredited

Fox Chase Cancer Center is accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) of the American College of Surgeons. This means Fox Chase has met the criteria for each discipline treating patients with diseases of the breast.
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Breast Cancer