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Second Opinions for Breast Cancer

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Patients with newly diagnosed invasive breast cancer may have their X-rays and pathology slides reviewed at Fox Chase for a second opinion on the diagnosis. Our team of breast cancer specialists meets to review these materials and develop a coordinated, comprehensive treatment plan.

Many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer at a different hospital would like to have a Fox Chase doctor evaluate their case. Specialists at the Naomi and Phil Lippincott Breast Evaluation Center can provide a second opinion to help you determine the most effective breast cancer treatment.

You can ask your doctor to refer you to Fox Chase for a second opinion or you can call to make the appointment yourself. (Check whether your insurance plan requires a doctor's written referral for a second opinion.)

A second opinion consultation will include:

  • A visit with a multi-specialty team of breast cancer experts
  • A review of your pathology slides and mammograms by Fox Chase physicians with expertise in diagnosing breast cancer
  • A breast cancer treatment recommendation specific to your case for you to discuss with your doctor

Fox Chase Cancer Center will keep your referring physician fully informed of test results and treatment recommendations.

Mammography Second-Opinion Program

For women who have an abnormal mammogram and have been advised that they need a biopsy, our physician-mammographer will provide a detailed review of mammograms done elsewhere. If the need for a biopsy is confirmed, it can be scheduled at Fox Chase. Women whose biopsies show breast cancer receive priority access to treatment-planning services at Fox Chase.

For more information about breast cancer treatment and prevention at Fox Chase Cancer Center or to make an appointment, call 1-888-FOX CHASE (1-888-369-2427). The breast cancer scheduling department can be reached at 215-728-3001.

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