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The safety of patients is of the utmost importance to Fox Chase's Department of Radiation Oncology.
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Fox Chase physicians pioneered the state-of-the-art treatments available today, including IMRT and brachytherapy.

Newer radiation treatments are effective at killing cancer cells, while minimizing the occurrence of urinary, bowel and sexual problems.

Radiation therapy is often selected as primary treatment for both localized (cancer confined to the prostate) and locally advanced prostate cancer (cancer has spread within the region but has not reached the lymph nodes), depending on several key factors, including your stage of prostate cancer.

Radiotherapy Provides Equal Results to Surgery

For patients with early-stage disease, radiotherapy provides equal outcomes to surgery. Radiation oncologists deliver radiotherapy by external beam (like an X-ray) called IMRT or brachytherapy (implanted radioactive seeds) to treat prostate cancer.

Additional Treatment

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Prostate cancer chemotherapy and/or hormone therapy following treatment with radiation may be recommended for larger or more aggressive tumors because of the high risk that the cancer has spread outside the prostate.

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Protons versus Photons for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer

by Marc Smaldone, MD
June 14, 2013

Two recent studies have shown that not only are cancer outcomes comparable between patients treated with protons and photons, but that IMRT may result in less gastrointestinal toxicity.
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