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Making a Difference in Someone's Life
and Reducing the Burden of Human Cancer

Fox Chase Volunteer Services offers daytime, evening and limited weekend positions in direct, limited, and no-patient-contact categories. Daytime and evening placements are 3 - 4 hour shifts weekly. Weekend placements vary according to need.

Getting Started

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Listed below are the current areas where volunteers provide support services to patients and staff.

Direct Patient Contact

Theresa Davies, 

Student Volunteer
Theresa Davies, Student Volunteer
  • Ambulatory Care Admission Escort (daytime)
  • Ambulatory Care Greeter (daytime)
  • Ambulatory Care Information Desk (daytime and evening)
  • Ambulatory Care Patient Registration (daytime)
  • Art a la Cart (daytime or evening)
  • EMB Reception Desk (daytime)
  • Infusion Room Waiting area (daytime)
  • Infusion Room (daytime)
  • Laptop Lending Program (daytime, evening, weekend)
  • One South Nursing Area Wayfinder (daytime)
  • Pet Visitor program (daytime, weekend)
  • Resource and Education Center (daytime)
  • Rehabilitation Therapy (daytime)

Limited Patient Contact

Joan Cavanagh,  Family Surgical Waiting Lounge
Joan Cavanagh,
Family Surgical Waiting Lounge
  • Ambulatory Care Laboratory/Patient Support (daytime)
  • Admissions Clerical Support (daytime)
  • Clinical Support Desk (daytime)
  • Karen's Korner Gift Shop (daytime, weekend)
  • Radiation Oncology Clerical Support (daytime)
  • Same Day Surgery Clerical Support (daytime)
  • Snack Bar (daytime)
  • Surgical Waiting Lounge (daytime, evening)
  • Volunteer Services Office (daytime)

Without Patient Contact

Anne Lane, Art a la 

Cart Volunteer
Anne Lane,
Art a la Cart Volunteer
  • Accounting Department (daytime)
  • Admissions Department (daytime)
  • FCCC Partners (daytime)
  • Institutional Advancement (daytime)
  • IRB (Internal Review Board) Clerical Support (daytime)
  • Medical Oncology Clerical Support (daytime)
  • Nursing Education Clerical Support (daytime)
  • Patient Education Clerical Support (daytime)
  • Patient Financial Services (daytime)
  • Psycho-Oncology Clerical Support (daytime)
  • Special Services (daytime)
  • Talbot Library (daytime)
Alyssa Kennedy, graduate student, Medical Science
Alyssa Kennedy,
graduate student, Medical Science

Fox Chase Cancer Center
Research Volunteer

Fox Chase has volunteer positions available in all of its research divisions. Volunteers may work in laboratories or assist programs.
Research Volunteer Placement


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Helen Gordon, CAVS
Director, Volunteer Services