Distinguished Lecture Series

The Evolution of Precision Medicine

A Lecture by Jeff Boyd, PhD
Executive Director, Cancer Genome Institute

Jeff Boyd, PhDFrom the early days of genome research to the next steps, Dr. Boyd explores Fox Chase's role in reaching the future.

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12:00 PM to 1:15 PM
Center Auditorium
Fox Chase Cancer Center
333 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111-2497

Free parking - Visitors may park in the West Building garage and enter by the West Building Outpatient Department entrance. The main entrance for the parking garage is from Cottman Ave between Central Ave and Church Rd.

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Distinguished Lecture Series 2013-2014

12:00 pm
Center Auditorium

September 26, 2013
Philip Cole, MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
Topic:Chemical and biochemical approaches in the study of signal transduction, circadian rhythm, and gene regulation

November 14
Andre Nussenzweig, PhD
National Cancer Institute, Laboratory of Genome Integrity
Topic:Systems that monitor and repair DNA double strand breaks during normal DNA replication, in response to chemotherapeutics, and in other biological contexts

November 21
Jill Siegfried, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Topic:The role of growth factors and hormones in the development and growth of human lung cancer, with emphasis on translation to the clinic

January 9, 2014  (*to be rescheduled spring 2014)
Titia de Lange, PhD
The Rockefeller University
Topic:The chromosome end problem – mechanisms for protection and maintenance of mammalian telomeres

March 13
Michael Gottesman, MD
Center for Cancer Research, Laboratory of Cell Biology
Topic:Ascertaining the clinical relevance of in vitro studies of drug resistance and elucidating other mechanisms of multidrug resistance in cancer cells

April 3
Drew Pardoll, MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
Topic:Understanding of basic immunological mechanisms in cancer, to support creation of cancer vaccines and advanced cancer immunotherapies

May 8
Karen Anderson, PhD
Yale University
Topic:Protein kinase signaling and kinase-targeted therapeutics;novel therapies for retroviruses and HIV-opportunistic pathogens linked to cancer

May 15
Carol Prives, PhD
Columbia University
Topic:The p53 tumor suppressor – regulatory circuits that control its activity and the mechanism by which it affects transcription of its target genes (rescheduled from November 7, 2013)


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