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Cass's Story - Patient Stories

Cass's Story

Cass Roberts was diagnosed with Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST) in 1999. Fox Chase Cancer Center was able to offer her an innovative clinical trial to treat her cancer – one that wasn’t available anywhere else in the area. (30 sec.)

Mark's Story - Patient Stories

Mark's Story

When Mark Wilson was diagnosed with stage IV tonsil cancer, another hospital recommended a radical and potentially voice-altering surgery. Mark sought a second opinion at Fox Chase, where he was offered a non-surgical treatment option through a clinical trial. Today, Mark is cancer-free. (30 sec.)

Lee Anns Story - Patient Stories

Lee Ann's Story

When Lee Ann Lamb was diagnosed with a rare form of GI cancer (GIST) in 2001, she was given just 18 months to live. Lee Ann turned to Fox Chase, where her surgeon offered a novel treatment option that was still in clinical trials. In the 14 years since her diagnosis, Lee Ann has been there for her children’s weddings and grandchildren’s births. (30 sec.)

Jay's Story - Patient Stories

Jay's Story

Ten years ago, Jay Hyman was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer. He was offered a new treatment option through a clinical study at Fox Chase. Today, Jay is still on that medication and showing no signs of disease. (30 sec.)

Richard Fisher- Patient Stories

Richard I. Fisher, MD, Medical Oncologist and President and CEO of Fox Chase Cancer Center, shares a special lymphoma patient story. (30 sec.)

Eric Horwitz- Patient Stories

Eric M. Horwitz, MD, Chair of radiation oncology, shares a special prostate cancer patient story. (30 sec.)

Patricia Kropf- Patient Stories

Patricia Kropf, MD, Hematologist, shares a special acute myeloid leukemia patient story. (30 sec.)

Robert Uzzo- Patient Stories
Robert G. Uzzo, MD, FACS, Chair of Surgical Oncology shares a special kidney cancer patient story. (30 sec.)
Caitlin Foley- Patient Stories

Caitlin Foley, RN, member of the Fox Chase nursing team shares a special breast cancer patient story. (30 sec.)

When it comes to cancer, where you go first makes a difference
When it comes to cancer, where you go first makes a difference.
(30 sec.)

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