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Find a Clinical Trial

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Fox Chase's Protocol Support Laboratory (PSL) is one of the only free-standing laboratories in the country dedicated specifically to fulfilling the biospecimen-based research objectives of protocols for Institutional Review Board-approved clinical trials and investigational studies.

A Centralized Home for Lab-Based Clinical Trial Support

At most institutions, protocol support is handled by the clinical trial staff associated with the specific trial or as a section of the clinical pathology laboratory.l. By contrast, all biological sample procurement as outlined in an IRB-approved study within Fox Chase's Clinical Trial program and physician-initiated studies are managed by the PSL. There are approximately 200 studies underway at any given time which require the services of the PSL. All staff technicians are ASCP-certified Medical Technologists/Technicians, are IATA certified for shipping biological specimens and trained specifically to handle protocols.

What We Do

The PSL:

  • ensures accurate collection, processing and shipping of biospecimens, greatly preserving the quality and integrity of the collected specimens
  • works closely with pharmaceuticals and other sponsors to facilitate appropriate analysis and interpretation of phase I, II and III clinical data
  • performs immunological analysis, such as flow cytometry- or ELISA-based assays, on many immunology-based clinical trials, as required for the individual trials

  • designs immunologic assays to address the scientific objectives of such trials

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Facility Director:
Katherine Alpaugh, Ph.D.