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Directions to Fox Chase Cancer Locations

Directions and Maps for Fox Chase locations. Free parking at all Fox Chase locations.
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Virtua Fox Chase
Name Position Telephone No.
Ashok Bapat, MD Medical Director 856-435-1777
Seth Berk, MD Medical Oncologist 609-702-1900
Maurice Cairoli, MD Medical Oncologist 609-702-1900
James Lee, MD Medical Oncologist 609-702-1900
Stephen Wallace, MD Medical Oncologist 609-702-1900
Pryia Gor, MD, MSCE Medical Oncologist 856-424-3311
Richard Greenberg, MD Medical Oncologist 856-424-3311
Stephen Zrada, MD Medical Oncologist 856-424-3311
Noah Lindenberg, MD Medical Oncologist 856-435-1777
David Ross, MD Medical Oncologist 856-435-1777
Stephen Pilipshen, MD Chief of Surgery 856-234-3322
Michele Fantazzio, MD Surgical Oncologist 856-424-8004
Diane Gillum, MD Surgical Oncologist 856-424-8004
Nicole Figueredo, MD Surgical Oncologist 856-424-8004
Randolph Deger, MD Surgical Oncologist 856-325-4310
Christopher Derivaux, MD Surgical Oncologist 856-428-7700
William Cody, MD Surgical Oncologist 856-428-7700
Miguel Deleon, MD Surgical Oncologist 856-428-7700
Keith Meslin MD Surgical Oncologist 856-428-7700
Edwin Empaynado, MD Surgical Oncologist 856-429-8030
Robert Gardine, MD Surgical Oncologist 856-429-8030
Eytan Irwin, MD Surgical Oncologist 856-429-7700
Gary Siemons, MD Surgical Oncologist 856-429-7700
Maureen Kling, MD Surgical Oncologist 856-581-8500
Lamuel S. Ariaratnam, MD Chief, Radiation Oncology 856-325-4830;
ext. 43790
Kelly Fife Radiation Oncologist 609-261-7074
Deborah Butzbach, MD Radiation Oncologist 609-261-7074
Catherine Kim, MD Radiation Oncologist 856-797-1507
Stephanie E. Weiss, MD Radiation Oncologist 888-FOX-CHASE
John J Wilson, MD Radiation Oncologist 856-325-4830
Matthew Zuino VP/Chief Operating Officer 856-355-0341
Kim Mazzei, RN, BSN, MA Assistant VP of Operations 856-355-6163
Stephen Kolesk, MD Vice President/COO 609-267-0700 ext. 43205
Kelly Beach, RN, CMSRN, BSN, MPA Nurse Director, Voorhees 856-325-3939
Tyshaneka Saffold, RN, MSN Nurse Director, Memorial 609-267-0700
ext. 43407
William Manion, MD, JD Chief of Clinical Pathology 609-261-7095
Miles McFarland, MD Clinical Pathology 856-325-3186
Miki Haas, RN Protocol Manager,
Inpatient Oncology Unit
Georgia Canty Corporate Marketing Director 856-355-0803
Jane Yepez Vice President of Marketing 856-355-0035
Patricia Chenenko Director of Pharmacy 609-267-0700
ext. 43149
Jill Nesler, RD Registered Dietician, Memorial 609-267-0700
ext. 43275
Andrew Gordon, MDIV, BCC Pastoral Care 609-267-0700
ext. 43281
Teri Grand Clinical Research Associate 609-267-0700
ext. 43188
Jude MacPherson Second Opinion/
Network referral Coordinator
ext. 43189
Loan Lombardi, RN Community Outreach Coordinator 856-325-4115
Brigit LeGrazie, RN, MSN, AOCN, APNc, APNG Cancer Genetics, Program Manager 856-248-6616
Monika Rivera, RHIT, CTR Team Leader, Cancer Registry 856-248-6623
Deb Scharr, RD Registered Dietician, Voorhees 856-325-3489
Susan Van Loon, RN, CTR Director, Oncology Data Services
and Clinical Research
Maria Jenkins Clinical Research Associate 856-248-6613
Lisa Shalkowski, RN, BSN Breast Care Program Director 856-248-6617
Lauren Hayes, RN, MSN Director, Quality Management,
Patricia Middaugh Director, Quality Management,
ext. 43673