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Patient Referral Resources

Referall Resources

Finde out how to put your physician in touch with us to request an appointment. More information for Patients to help reach our Doctors
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From your pre-admission to your care.
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Your Guide to Support Services for You and Your Family

Iif you have chosen Fox Chase as your primary provider of medical care, you can be assured that support services are part of the package of care that is available to you and your family.
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HIPAA and Patient Privacy

What does HIPAA mean for you?
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Fox Chase Cancer Center Information



Appointments: 888-FOX-CHASE

Request an Appointment. Call 888-FOX-CHASE (1-888-369-2427)

On your first visit to Fox Chase, you will meet your cancer care team:
Experienced oncology specialists work together to develop an individualized treatment plan for you.

We encourage you to bring a family member or friend with you for your visits and to write down any questions you have before you meet with the doctor

About Check-in and New Patient Forms

After you scheduled your visit, you should have also pre-registered. This will make your check-in faster on the day of your visit. If you did not pre-register, please call (215) 728-2061 and a pre-registration specialist will assist you.  If your insurance requires that you get a referral from your primary care doctor, please call your doctor prior to your visit at Fox Chase Cancer Center.  If you are not sure if your insurance requires you to get a referral, please ask the Fox Chase Cancer Center pre-registration specialist, who will help you determine if a referral is needed.
 Registration visits are scheduled 30 minutes before your first physician visit.
Save time by registering online.

When you get to Fox Chase, please park in the West Garage

Your first stop will be the Main Desk in the West Building lobby to register.  Registration visits are scheduled 30 minutes before your first physician visit.

The forms you will sign are:

  • General Consent – this form gives Fox Chase Cancer Center, our doctors and nurses the okay to:
    • read your medical records
    • decide what your medical needs are
    • give you care
  • HIPAA – this form tells you about your right to privacy

What To Bring

You will need to bring the following items:

  • signed forms included in Patient Guide packet (if mailed to you before your arrival)
  • a form of government issued  ID
  • your insurance card(s)

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Meeting Your Care Team

Your Care Team at Fox Chase may include more than one doctor. This is based on your diagnosis and the type of treatment you may need. Our doctors specialize in:

  • medicine (specialty care and screenings)
  • medical oncology (the use of anti-cancer drugs)
  • radiation oncology (the use of radiation to treat cancer)
  • surgical oncology (cancer surgery)

Your Physician Consultation

They work with our staff or other health-care providers to decide on a treatment plan. Your first doctor’s visit at Fox Chase will help your Care Team decide the best treatment option for you. Your doctors will:

  • go over your medical records and health history
  • give you a physical exam
  • give you information about your diagnosis, treatment options, and the chance to take part in clinical trials.  

Your first visit could take last 2-3 hours.  Please plan accordingly.

Ways to Help You Get Ready for Your First Doctor’s Visit

(see New Patient Checklist for more ideas)

  • Write down any questions or concerns you want to share with your doctor. Don’t forget to bring these with you to your first visit.
  • Bring a pencil and paper so you can take notes during your visit. Your doctor and nurse will share a lot of information with you. Writing it down will help you to remember it.
  • Make plans for a friend or family member to come with you. It’s always helpful to have someone else with you to listen and take notes.
  • Make sure you know how to get to Fox Chase. Look over the map and directions in this packet so you feel good about your travel plans. This is even more important if you have never been here before or you don’t know the area.

Returning Your Records

We will return the records below to the hospital they came from after we have reviewed them:

  • Any slides (of tissue or cell samples)
  • Original X-ray, CT, MRI or other films, or CD with images

Printed records brought to the Center by you, will become part of your Fox Chase medical record.  If you want to keep copies for yourself, please make them before you come.  By law, we are not allowed to re-copy your records.  If you need more copies of your slides, ask your hospital to give those to you.

Do You Have Questions?

Please call (215) 728-2570 for any of the questions or concerns below.

If you:

  • Have questions about registering before your first visit
  • Have questions or would like to change your visit date or time
  • Have questions about your referral
  • Have any changes to your personal or insurance information
  • Have a financial issue or question about your insurance

Our staff will be happy to help you! We look forward to meeting you at your visit.