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The goal of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at Fox Chase Cancer Center is to help you recover normal physical functions and return to your everyday activities at home and at work.

Your First Visit

Once you have been referred by your oncologist or primary-care physician, we begin by conducting an intake interview and checking your insurance coverage. During your first visit, you will receive a detailed evaluation to assess your Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and therapy needs. The therapist will prepare a personalized therapy plan that includes therapy, education and independence strategies to maximize function and self-reliance.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps you achieve your maximum level of independent living. Occupational therapists work with you to overcome difficulty with fatigue, physical movement and home living skills. Treatment may include exercise, massage, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) training, perceptual training and neurological development.

Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy is to help you recover normal physical functions and return to your everyday activities at home and at work. Education and independence are important components of every physical rehabilitation program to maximize your activity level and self-reliance.

Treatment may include exercise, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) training, task-oriented training and strategies to reduce fluid retention.

Cancer Fatigue Program

For many people, fatigue improves and goes away completely when treatments are over. For others, it lasts longer and may affect your concentration, your energy levels and your activities. Fox Chase has a program to help with fatigue using both exercise and mindfulness. The program also includes advice on diet and lifestyle that can assist with improving fatigue. Call 215-728-2592 for more information, or to sign up. Learn more about the fatigue program

Lymphedema Therapy

Fox Chase Cancer Center's Lymphedema Treatment Program uses complete decongestive physiotherapy (CDP), a European program that has been used successfully to treat lymphedema patients since the 1980s.

Preventive care to avoid lymphedema and early treatment if swelling starts to occur are extremely important. Left untreated, lymphedema may lead to infections, numbness in the affected limb, inability to move joints, hardening of connective tissue and discomfort or pain.

Speech Therapy

The speech pathologists help you correct, compensate and re-learn speech after cancer surgery or complications. A comprehensive program for the evaluation and treatment of swallowing difficulties is also offered. Preoperative education and counseling is provided for patients who undergo surgery for cancers of the head and neck.

The Speech Therapy program includes treatment for dysphagia, trismus, voice therapy and post-laryngectomy speech rehabilitation (i.e. artificial larynx, standard esophageal speech and tracheoesophageal speech).