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Find the help you need beyond medical treatment.
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Getting Started

The Fox Chase Cancer Center is committed to a comprehensive approach to dealing with cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Medical services are of course the main reason that people choose Fox Chase as their treatment facility.  Fortunately, Fox Chase, being a comprehensive cancer center, is able to provide support services (help with emotional and family problems) to you and your family. Often these services are not available in community hospitals due to insurance or budgetary issues. This often short-changes people who may need help in dealing with an illness that is experienced as "catastrophic" by many. Finding these services in the community is often difficult, as it may be hard to find professionals who specialize in oncology. So if you have chosen Fox Chase as your primary provider of medical care, you can be assured that support services are part of the package of care that is available to you and your family.

Why Choose Support Services?

  • What can I expect from Fox Chase Cancer Center
  • How Will I Know if my family or I need Support Services?
  • Why would people be reluctant to seek help with emotional or family problems?
  • What kind of support services should I consider?
  • What about support services and confidentiality?
  • Suppose my family doesn't think I need this kind of help?
  • Will my insurance pay for counseling services?

Counseling and Support Groups

  • Individual counseling?
  • Family Counseling?
  • When to consider a support group
  • What kind of group should I attend?
  • What if I'm worried that a group will be too depressing?
  • Does everyone benefit from attending a support group?

Are Support Services for Me?

  • How Will I Know If Counseling Is Working?
  • Does Medication Help People Cope With Cancer?
  • Are Support Services for Everyone?

Support Materials

  • Support Services Websites
  • Patient Reading Materials
  • Patient Education Materials