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The Fox Chase Cancer Center Pastoral Care Service coordinates spiritual care between the hospital and outside interfaith clergy, who are available to visit upon patient request. For all outside clergy referrals, please call 215-728-2944.

Patients of Christian/Protestant Denominations and other Interfaith Traditions

The Pastoral Care Department serves as a liaison between the hospital and various local interfaith clergy. For more information, please see the Fox Chase Ministerium of Churches.

Jewish Patients

A volunteer Jewish chaplain visits patients regularly. In addition, challah is brought to our Jewish patients as a welcoming ritual of the coming Sabbath.

Catholic Patients

Holy Communion is available to Catholic patients only upon specific request. Patients who wish to receive Communion on Sundays are asked to call Ext. 2944 and leave their name and room number anytime on Saturday evening before 9 p.m. Catholic clergy are regularly available to provide additional sacramental support for urgent matters.