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Daniel F. Wolfson, Co-Chair

Dan Wolfson


Cancer is a very difficult challenge not only for the person who is affected but also for his or her family. I have had personal experience with cancer as I was diagnosed in 2002. I was told by a hospital in New York City that I had six months to live. This hospital was insensitive to my needs and my concerns and I became psychologically crushed. No one explained treatment options and possible outcomes to me or my family. Everyone, including myself, was in absolute darkness. I didn't know where to go, I didn't know who to talk with, and my life and family was put into a cocoon of apprehension and fear.

Treating cancer is more than routine medical care, for cancer is a condition that is debilitating physically and saps a person's emotional strength and that of their family. A hospital must confront and recognize the needs of a person suffering from cancer and provide not only care but also emotional support. That is why I went to Fox Chase Cancer Center. I have had three surgeries at Fox Chase for kidney cancer and I have been on chemotherapy for eight years. My results in conquering cancer have been extraordinary because of the outstanding physicians and staff who have provided treatment and emotional support. On May 1, 2011, I participated in the Broad Street Run - a ten mile challenge that I was able to finish because I started my race against cancer at Fox Chase eight years ago.

My commitment to the Patient-Family Advisory Council is to insure that everyone who enters Fox Chase for treatment obtains the highest quality of medical care. This means that every patient receives information about appropriate treatment options and that the patient and the physician understand each other. Humanity and the relief of "suffering," whether physical or emotional, will be the keystone of Fox Chase, its staff, and the Council. Compassion for patients and their families is our highest goal and our most worthy achievement.