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Assessing Breast Abnormalities

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Linda Sesa, MSN, CRNP, AOCNP

Linda Sesa, MSN, CRNP, AOCNP, evaluates patients with abnormal mammograms, breast masses, and other breast abnormalities, working in collaboration with our breast surgeons.

When a woman is told her mammogram is abnormal, or if she discovers a lump in her breast, it can be very scary and worrisome.
Did you know that 80% of abnormal mammograms wind up being benign (not cancerous)? 

The important thing to remember is that early detection is the key to finding a breast cancer. Screening tests such as mammograms, clinical breast exams and self breast exams can help detect breast cancer at an early stage. The earlier breast cancer is found the more favorable and treatable it becomes.

My name is Linda Sesa and I am a nurse practitioner specializing in diseases of the breast.  I'm part of the team that evaluates patients with abnormal mammograms, breast masses, and other breast abnormalities. We work in a collaborative practice with our breast surgeons. My goal is to help you keep your breasts healthy and to make certain you obtain appropriate care if you are diagnosed with breast cancer.


I also manage a survivor clinic for breast cancer patients who have completed treatment and are two years out from their disease.  This allows me the opportunity to see patients on their first visit and follow them as survivors.  I have been fortunate to have made lasting relationships with my patients.

Here at Fox Chase Cancer Center we recognize the fear a woman experiences when she is diagnosed with a breast abnormality.  It is my promise to you to make this experience as easy as possible for each and every one of you.  I will examine you, go over the results of your imaging and recommend a plan for you based on your individual needs.  If a biopsy is recommended, we will schedule that for you.  Results from a biopsy can usually take from 3-5 working days.  And remember, most biopsies are benign.  If a breast cancer is detected, we will arrange an appointment for you with our breast surgeon and/or our Breast Evaluation Center where you will receive care by dedicated breast specialists who will work together to develop your individualized treatment plan.

Benign Breast Deisease brochure

Benign Breast Disease:
What It Means for Me

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If you have been told you have an abnormal mammogram, detect a breast mass or if you have other breast concerns, please call our Women's Cancer Center Scheduler's at 215-728-3001

Our scheduler will obtain information and schedule your appointment.  Please send your films to our radiology department prior to your appointment so they can be reviewed by our radiologist.  This is very helpful so when you arrive for your appointment, all the necessary information is available and this will help us in determining the most accurate plan for you.  Sending your films via FedEx or UPS is necessary for tracking purposes and decreases the risk of lost films if otherwise sent through regular mail.

Send your diagnostic films to:
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I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with our nationally and internationally recognized oncology breast team who are leaders in the field of breast cancer, and I am committed to passing that excellence on to you. 



I wish you all good things in the future!



Department of Surgical Oncology
Fox Chase Cancer Center
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For more information about benign breast disease or to learn how you can participate in the BeBrave program at Fox Chase Cancer Center, call Beth Stearman at 
or 215-214-1411.