Physicians Assistants

A physician’s assistant practices medicine under the supervision of physicians and surgeons.

Physicians Assistants

Stephen Coyle, PA-C, 
Medical Oncology

Matthew J. Faber, PA-C, MS, Physician Assistant

Joan James, PA-C

Marcel Knotek, PA-C

Colleen Lennon, PA-C, 
Surgical Oncology

Alison Mackey, PA-C

Michael McCurry, PA-C

Sarah McFadden, PA-C

Zachary Hasse, PA-C

Jill Schreiber, PA-C

Colleen Hogan Tetzlaff, PA-C, Physician Assistant

Eric Tetzlaff, PA-C, Physician Assistant, Medical Oncology

Lisa DiSandro-Wetherhold, PA-C, Physician Assistant

Matthew Wetherhold, MS, PA-C


Physician assistants (PAs) are members of the Advanced Practice Clinicians team at Fox Chase. They practice medicine under the supervision of physicians and surgeons. PAs are an integral part of your healthcare team at Fox Chase Cancer Center. PAs have physician-delegated authority to:

  • Diagnose and treat patients
  • Take medical histories
  • Examine and treat patients
  • Order and interpret laboratory tests and x-rays
  • Treat minor injuries, by suturing, splinting, and casting
  • Record progress notes
  • Instruct and counsel patients
  • Order or carry out therapy
  • Prescribe certain medications

Physician assistants are trained in intensive medical education programs accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant.

For more information about physician assistants at Fox Chase, contact Physician Assistants.