Office of Health Communications and Health Disparities

Most of us know the toll that cancer takes on our community.

The Office of
Health Communications and Health Disparities
at a Glance
  • We work with well-respected local community, regional, state and national-level organizations.
  • We train organizations to implement proven approaches to cancer education and screening in their communities.
  • We address the needs of many groups— from rural populations to racial and ethnic minority populations to patients—through many settings—from health care institutions to the Internet.
  • We provide educational and cancer screening programs right in the community.

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Much remains to be done to reduce the risk of cancer, find it early and ensure that people have all the information they need when facing a cancer diagnosis. Even more pressing, we need to reduce health disparities among those groups and individuals that have less access, more barriers or limited resources to take the actions required to protect their health. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to address health disparities and empower patients and the public to improve their health.

The Office of Health Communications and Health Disparities at Fox Chase is dedicated to reaching beyond our walls to bring state-of-the-science prevention, screening and treatment programs to the many communities we serve. We do this through initiatives that utilize both traditional and “new media” approaches, and we target both the public and the many diverse organizations that serve them. Our programs are sponsored by a variety of sources, including Fox Chase Cancer Center as well as state and federal agencies and non-governmental organizations. The programs show the breadth of our approach:

All of our programs are based on the attributes recommended by the US Healthy People 2010 goals—accuracy, accessibility, balance, cultural competency, evidence base, reach, and understandability. And, we believe that we can be successful only when we work closely with the community and develop strong collaborative partnerships. I am honored to lead an energetic and diverse staff dedicated to reaching our goal of addressing a broad range of complex issues that impact the health of the communities we serve. We will not solve these problems alone, but hope to make a significant impact in partnership with the community. Learn more about our programs and initiatives—and contact us to learn how we might work together to reduce the burden of cancer.

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