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Risk Assessment

High Risk Clinics at Fox Chase Cancer Center

Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment

Individuals with a family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer and women who have had breast or ovarian cancer or a biopsy showing benign breast disease. Read More about Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, second to only lung cancer. Last year over 215,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer and over 30,000 died from this disease. African-American men and men with a family history of prostate cancer are at an even greater risk of developing prostate cancer. Fox Chase Cancer Center's Risk Assessment Program offers programs for both men who are at high risk of prostate cancer as well as for those who have had a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Read More about Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment


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Dr. Michael Hall talks about the High Risk Colon Cancer Clinic, part of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Risk Assessment program at Fox Chase Cancer Center. (1 min.)

Gastrointestinal Risk Assessment

Risk assessment, early detection and prevention of gastrointestinal cancers (including tumors of the colon, rectum, stomach, pancreas, esophagus, liver and bile duct). If you have a personal or family history you are eligible to participate. Our staff will help you detect and prevent gastrointestinal cancers by understanding your personal and family risk and teaching you ways to reduce those risks.