Table of Services

Laboratory Animal Facilities

Genetic Monitoring Facility

The facility occupies a standard laboratory containing specialized equipment including a thermal cycler, gel and cellulose acetate electrophoresis apparatus, plate readers and an ultracentrifuge. This equipment is used for the biochemical, immunological, and molecular biological testing required to monitor the genetic integrity of the rodents utilized in the various research programs at Fox Chase.


Laboratory Animal Health Facility

The primary services provided by the Laboratory Animal Health Facility (LAHF) include the following: health monitoring, maintenance of an SPF rodent colony, diagnostic services, teaching, and training for investigators and their technicians, consultation with investigators, and technical services.


Laboratory Animal Husbandry Facility

The Laboratory Animal Husbandry Facility provides all basic husbandry as well as technical support services to the Fox Chase research community. The facility maintains centralized foundation breeding colonies, supported by the Core Grant, and production colonies of selected strains of mice for use by all Fox Chase investigators.