Table of Services

Organic Synthesis Facility


The principal aim of the Organic Synthesis Facility is to provide high quality synthetic chemicals to Fox Chase investigators who require them for their scientific research. The types of chemical syntheses performed by the staff of this facility may be novel (designed by facility staff), reported in the scientific literature or the repeat of a previously completed synthesis. For a novel compound request, the facility staff has to design an original synthetic scheme and carry this out in the laboratory. When a literature-reported compound is requested, it is generally necessary for the facility staff to devise and carry out refinements or adaptations of the published protocol. These adaptations result in improvement of the chemical purity and/or synthetic yield as compared to that reported in the scientific literature. Members of the facility also purify chemical compounds in order to meet the specifications of investigators. The following methods are used for purification: distillation, crystallization, extraction, sublimation and chromatography. Analytical services performed by the facility staff include nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H, 13C, 31P), infrared spectroscopy, thin-layer chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography. A computer/web-based catalog of a large stock of chemical reagents (comprised of more than 1500 different chemicals) is available for use by the research community. Other services performed by the facility staff include: consultation for questions or problems of a chemical nature, structure/substructure searching of Chemical Abstracts, and advice on the proper disposal of laboratory chemicals. In summary, this facility provides high-quality synthetic products, chemical analyses, purified materials and, in addition, provides a resource for chemical information to investigators at Fox Chase Cancer Center.


The facility houses two fume hoods that provide proper ventilation of hazardous organic chemicals. The facility contains the following equipment: Waters Delta Prep 3000 preparative chromatography system, Nicolet 210 FT infrared spectrometer and the usual equipment and glassware for carrying out organic syntheses. In addition, the facility has access to a Bruker Avance 300 WB NMR spectrometer for 13C, 31P and 1H analyses.