Table of Services

Cell Culture Equipment

Amaxa Electroporation Equipment

one Nucleofector II, and one 96-well Shuttle Nucleofector


one Mettler analytical balance and two top loading electronic balances

CO2 Incubators

two Forma Stericult-2000 incubators, four Sanyo large capacity incubators, one Sanyo low oxygen incubator


one 35mm Nikon camera and one Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera

Cell Counting

one Model Z1 Coulter Counter


one Beckman GS-6R refrigerated centrifuge, one Hermle Z-382K refrigerated centrifuge, one Eppendorf 5702 clinical centrifuge, two RC-5 Sorvall Superspeed centrifuges

Computer equipment

two Macintosh computers, one PC computer, and one HP LaserJet printer

Liquid Nitrogen storage

one MVE 1536-P tank, three Taylor Wharton LS tanks, one Thermolyne Locator tank, one Taylor Wharton LABS-20K tank, one Taylor Wharton Series K 17K tank, eight 8,000 vial capacity tanks


three Nikon Model TMS inverted microscopes, one Nikon TS100 inverted microscope fitted for immunofluorescence, two TS100 inverted microscopes, one Bausch and Lomb standard microscope, three Leitz microscopes (two inverted, one standard)


two GEM refrigerators, one 4°C refrigerator, six -20°C freezers, one -80°C freezers

Sterile Hoods

six Class II biosafety sterile hoods

Water Purification and Deionization Equipment

one Millipore Biocell water filtration system, one Millipore ELIX deionization system, and one Millipore positive pressure filtration pump

Miscellaneous Equipment

two pH meters, four waterbaths, five magnetic stirrers, one conductivity meter, and one sterilizing oven