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Glasswashing Facility

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The Glasswashing Facility collects, washes, dries, and sterilizes glassware owned by individual laboratories at Fox Chase. The service is provided according to a prearranged schedule based upon each laboratory's needs. The glassware is returned the same day if it is picked up before noon. In the event of a critical need for glasswashing services, the facility is capable of processing an investigator's request.

The facility maintains an inventory of glassware to provide replacement glassware to laboratories as needed. This inventory is purchased in bulk to take advantage of quantity discounts. The Center has negotiated an arrangement with Fisher Scientific for the purchase of glassware. This arrangement waives shipping charges and is less expensive on average than purchasing from competitors. Having this supply centrally located also provides a convenience to investigators who need glassware immediately.

Satellite areas, which have autoclaves and glasswashing machines, are located on the second and third floors of the West Building. Satellite glasswashing is made available for off-hours and weekends when the Central Facility is closed. Additional autoclaves are located throughout the Center. The Central Facility manages the operation of this equipment.

The supervisor consults with new investigators in determining the amount and type of glassware necessary for the new laboratory's operation. The facility then purchases, washes, labels, and sets up the glassware in the laboratory. Also, at this consultation, the new investigator is oriented to the services the facility can provide.


Major items of equipment for the facility include:

  • Two laboratory glassware and instrument washers
  • Three dryers
  • Two dry heat sterilizers
  • Three autoclaves
  • One sonic energy cleaner
  • Assorted accessories, tables and minor items of equipment