Table of Services

The Biosample Repository Facility

The Fox Chase Cancer Center Biosample Repository Facility serves as a resource of information, tissue, and blood samples for researchers at Fox Chase, and potentially around the world. The Biosample Repository is obtaining biospecimens and personal data to support research on the causes of cancer and to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease.

What is the Biosample Repository's Goal?

The goal of the Facility is to collect a large number of blood and tumor tissue samples and data from a diverse group of men and women. The blood and tissue specimens and accompanying data are a valuable resource to researchers.

Who is eligible to participate?

People with and without cancer of all ages and race who are willing to donate a blood sample and complete a questionnaire. Patients with cancer who are having surgery at Fox Chase Cancer Center can also donate tumor tissue to the Biosample Repository.

What will I be asked to do?

  1. Complete a questionnaire about your family history of cancer, personal medical history and lifestyle information.
  2. Donate a minimum of three and a maximum of six tubes of blood (about 3-7 tablespoons) that will be drawn from a vein in your arm.
  3. Assist us in contacting some of your family members so they can be invited to participate in the Fox Chase Cancer Center Biosample Repository Facility if you so choose.

Do I have to come to Fox Chase Cancer Center to donate the blood sample?

NO. Donation kits can be mailed to your home after you have consented over the phone to participate. There will be instructions on how to get your blood sample taken and shipped back to us at no cost to you.

Do I have to do anything special to donate?

No. There is no fasting or anything special you need to do.

How do I participate or find out more information?

Call the Fox Chase Cancer Center Biosample Repository recruitment/coordinator at 215-214-1652, toll-free 1-888-831-6466 or by email to