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Paul Cairns, PhD
Paul Cairns, PhD
Associate Professor
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Drexel University College of Medicine
Office Phone: 215-728-5635
Office: W350

Research Interests

  • Epigenomics for the Stratification of the Aggressive Potential of Small Renal Masses and RCC.
  • Ultra-Deep Sequencing of p53 Mutation in Blood for Early Detection of Curable Ovarian Cancer.
  • Characterization and Biology of a Novel Molecular Subgroup of HGS Ovarian Cancer.
  • Methylation and Sequence Mutation for Prediction of Risk of Breast Cancer in Women with Benign Disease or DCIS.
  • Identification of an Epigenetic Signature for Progression in Superficial Urothelial Cancer.
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Selected Publications

Fox Chase Programs

    1.  Ibanez, I.,Dulaimi, E., Hoffman, A.M., Al-Saleem, T., Uzzo, R.G. and Cairns, P. Identification of Novel Target Genes by an Epigenetic Reactivation Screen of Kidney Cancer. Cancer Research 66:5021-8, 2006. PubMed PMID: 16707423.
    2. Kagan, J, Srivastava, S., Belinsky, SA and Cairns, P. Towards Clinical Application of Methylated DNA Sequences as Cancer Biomarkers: a Joint NCI EDRN & NIST Workshop on Standards, Methods, Assays, Reagents and Tools (SMART). Cancer Research 67:4545-9, 2007.
    3. Cairns, P. Gene Methylation and Early Detection of Genitourinary Cancer – the road ahead. Nature Reviews Cancer 7:531-43, 2007 PubMed PMID: 17585333.
    4. Potapova, A., Hoffman, AH, Godwin, AK, Al-Saleem, T. and Cairns, P. Promoter Hypermethylation of the PALB2 Susceptibility Gene in Inherited and Sporadic Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Cancer Research 68: 998-1002, 2008.
    5. Brooks JD, Cairns P, Shore RE, Klein CB, Wirgin I, Afanasyeva Y, Zeleniuch-Jacquotte A. DNA methylation in pre-diagnostic serum samples of breast cancer cases: Results of a nested case-control study. Cancer Epidemiol. 34:717-23, 2010.
    6. I. Ibragimova, Inmaculada Ibáñez de Cáceres, Amanda M. Hoffman, Anna Potapova, Essel Dulaimi, Tahseen Al-Saleem, Gary R. Hudes, Michael F. Ochs and Paul Cairns. Global Reactivation of Epigenetically Silenced Genes in Prostate Cancer. Cancer Prevention Research 3:1084-92, 2010 PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2933318.
    7. Hoffman, A. and Cairns, P. The Epigenetics of Kidney and Bladder Cancer. Epigenomics 3: 19-34, 2011.
    8. Ibragimova, I., Maradeo, M.E., Dulaimi, E., Cairns, P. Aberrant promoter hypermethylation of PBRM1, BAP1, SETD2, KDM6A and other chromatin-modifying genes is absent or rare in clear cell RCC. Epigenetics 8:486-493, 2013.
    9. Ibragimova, I., Slifker, M.J., Maradeo, M.E., Banumathy, G., Dulaimi, E., Uzzo, R.G., Cairns, P. Genome-wide promoter methylome of small renal masses. PLoS One 8:e77309, 2013. PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3811999.
    10. Gowrishankar, B., Ibragimova, I., Zhou, Y., Slifker MJ, Devarajan K., Al-Saleem, T., Uzzo, R.G., Cairns, P. MicroRNA expression signatures of stage, grade, and progression in clear cell RCC. Cancer Biology and Therapy 15:329-341, 2014.
    11. Ibragimova, I., Dulaimi, E., Slifker, M.J., Chen, D.Y., Uzzo, R.G., Cairns, P. A global profile of gene promoter methylation in treatment-naïve urothelial cancer. Epigenetics 9: 760-73, 2014. PubMed Central PMCID: PMC4063835.
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