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Linda Fleisher, MPH, PhD(c)
Linda Fleisher, MPH, PhD
Assistant Research Professor
  • Assistant Vice President, Office of Health Communications and Health Disparities
Office Phone: 215-728-3690
Lab: 510 TLR
Office of Health Communications and Health Disparities

The goal of the Office of Health Communications and Health Disparities (OHCHD) is to provide cancer education, screening and outreach services to the community and serve as a bridge to connect the community to our cancer prevention and control research. Our efforts are built on public health approaches and practices as well as a variety of dissemination and health behavior frameworks. We are committed to providing proven programs that increase knowledge about cancer and help individuals to take the appropriate actions to protect their health. Our screening programs are of the highest quality and bring important services to the communities’ doorsteps. Recognizing that our goals will only be accomplished in collaboration with organizations in the community, we develop and support ongoing partnerships to ensure our programs and services meet the needs of those we are trying to reach. We are involved in projects focused on cancer prevention & awareness, patient navigation, health literacy, and patient decision support as well as building capacity of community-based organizations to implement the most up-to-date cancer education programs in their community. Our projects and initiatives reach throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey and our staff work closely with colleagues from across the country.

The OHCHD believes that the integration of service and research is essential in community-based research. We are interested in adapting tested interventions and developing new approaches to reach populations that have been underserved or share an unequal burden of cancer, including racial and ethnic minorities, the elderly and those living in rural populations. Our research projects span health disparities, cancer communications and informed decision making with a strong foundation in the important role of communities and patients. Many of our research projects rely on community-based participatory research principles and approaches. In addition to our own initiatives, we have well established collaborations with other researchers to provide consultation and support on community-based research. These inter-related education, outreach and community- based research projects provide a coordinated approach to address the needs of patients, the general public and community organizations.

We carefully evaluate our programmatic efforts and believe it is important to share the results of our programs and research with other professionals and with the community at large. We have peer-reviewed publications and scientific presentations but also develop materials to share the results in a meaningful way to our communities and partners. Ensuring that the public and patients understand what they can do to protect their health is critical to our goals with the ultimate goal of long term capacity building and sustainability.

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Selected Publications
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