Faculty Summaries
Anthony J Olszanski
Anthony J. Olszanski, RPh, MD
Associate Professor
  • Director, Phase 1 Program
  • Research Summary

    Dr. Olszanski’s research focus is principally aimed at developing new drugs through collaborations with investigators, cooperative groups, and pharmaceutical companies. His greatest interest lies in early drug development (Phase 1 Research Trials) using molecularly targeted small molecules or antibodies in cancer. Through the collaborative efforts of the Developmental Therapeutics Program he focuses on the development of biomarkers to help define the optimal patient population who will benefit from a new drug. “Clinical trials often offer patients new drugs that are not yet available, and they continue to drive our understanding of cancer, leading to improved therapies. I try to offer my patients a clinical trial whenever feasible as I feel that the care that takes place on a trial is often better than one receives off trial,” Olszanski maintains.

    In addition to his interests in early drug development, Dr. Olszanski specializes in the treatment of melanoma and gastrointestinal malignancies. “The [melanoma] field is very exciting right now because of the emergence of new targeted therapies that are really impacting this disease. These are the first advances after decades of research. Unfortunately, some patient’s tumors develop resistance to these new therapies. Understanding drug-resistance is a pivotal focus of the Developmental Therapeutics Program”