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Camille Ragin, PhD, MPH
Camille Ragin, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor
Office Phone: 215-728-1148
Fax: 215-214-1622
Office: P2041
Lab: P2151
Research Interests

It is well documented that there are disproportionately higher rates of cancer diagnoses and deaths among Black populations compared to other ethnic groups. This finding is consistent for the Black population in the US as well as developing regions such as the Caribbean and Africa. In addition to socioeconomic factors and access to medical care, environmental exposures, lifestyle and culture are associated with cancer risk. However, the strength of these associations with cancer development may be modified by individual genetic factors.

The ultimate goal of our research program is to use a transdisciplinary approach to address the burden of cancer in Black populations. Through community engagement, we conduct molecular epidemiology research studies in head and neck, lung and prostate cancer by investigating gene x environment interactions that promote racial disparities in cancer.

Dr. Ragin in the News
“I had no intention of being the person I am today,” Camille Ragin, PhD, told a crowd at the Franklin Institute on March 23, tracing her unpredictable path from a childhood in Jamaica to her career as a health disparities researcher at Fox Chase. Read More

Through my leadership of the African-Caribbean Cancer Consortium we are able to promote a more holistic approach to better understanding cancer risk and poor outcome among underserved minority populations of African ancestry through research studies conducted locally as well as at a national and global level.

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Fox Chase Programs

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