FCCC Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship 2010

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Eileen Jaffe, PhDProfessor
Program Director

Summer Students Discover Mentored Research Experiences

Funding Supplemented by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

With the end of the college academic year Fox Chase gets an annual influx of talented undergraduates for summer research experiences.  This successful program, coordinated by Dr. Eileen Jaffe, invites students to find a Fox Chase mentor and have that mentor nominate the student for a funded summer research fellowship. In 2010, 15 students had funded projects.



Banskota, Samagya
Penn State University
Andrew Godwin, PhD
Bus, Kathryn
Hobart and William Smith College
Alana O’Reilly, PhD
Duffy, Erin
Syracuse University
Roland Dunbrack, PhD
Fisher, Steven
George Washington University
Igor Astsaturov, MD, PhD
Frick, Melissa
Swarthmore College
Matt Robinson, PhD
Granatt, Ben
Penn State University
Rosalia Viterbo, MD
Henderson, Adam
Brown University
Ann Skalka, PhD
Hu, Angela
Johns Hopkins University
Luis Sigal, PhD
Koch, Jennifer
James Madison University
Jon Chernoff, PhD
Kolander, Samuel
Washington University, St. Louis
Eileen Jaffe, PhD
Myint, Leslie
Johns Hopkins University
Warren Kruger, PhD
Nadkarni, Renu
Swarthmore College
Andrea Barsevick, PhD, RN, OCN
Parise, Erica
Ohio Wesleyan University
Erica Golemis, PhD
Pease, Elizabeth
Ohio Wesleyan University
Elizabeth Hopper-Borge, PhD
Rowen, Brianne
Juniata College
Angela Bradbury, MD
Sha, Han
Queen's University
Randy Hardy, PhD
Singleton, Courtney
Harvard University
David Wiest, PhD

This year the supplemental funding to the National Institutes of Health from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (also known as the “Stimulus Package”) has helped increase the number of students Fox Chase can support. 

In addition to the Fellowship program

There are two alternate ways for undergraduate students to be involved in summer research. The student can volunteer or the student can be hired as a summer assistant. Students are highly encouraged to review the research areas and contact faculty whose research interests them. In general students are more successful at finding positions by contacting faculty directly. Some students do however gain summer laboratory opportunities through the volunteer office or through human resources.