Scientific Leadership

Erica A Golemis, PhD

Erica Golemis
  • Vice President
  • Deputy Chief Scientific Officer

As Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Golemis works with Dr. Chernoff to plan the future of research at Fox Chase.

Dr. Golemis has had a distinguished career at this institution, becoming an internationally recognized leader in cancer biology. Her interests span from deciphering basic cell biologic processes to developing rationally designed treatments for various kinds of cancer.

Dr. Golemis is also known for her exceptional service to this institution, as co-director of the Keystone Program in Head and Neck Cancer and the Developmental Therapeutics Program, as well as numerous other initiatives such as the Fox Chase-Russian Institute affiliations. As deputy scientific officer she will retain her positions in these important activities, while taking on new responsibilities related to the scientific enterprise at Fox Chase.

Dr. Golemis received her PhD in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1988, with a focus on murine retroviruses and leukemogenesis. She completed her Post-Doctoral Studies at the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Molecular Biology and Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics in 1993.