Carol Cherry, MSN, RN, AOCNS, APNG

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Carol Cherry, MSN, RN, AOCNS, APNG

Carol Cherry, MSN, RN, AOCNS, APNG

Gynecologic Oncology Nurse Navigator

The Women's Cancer Center at Fox Chase

I’ve been privileged to be a nurse for more than 30 years. My first job in 1977 was on an oncology floor in a Washington, DC, hospital. I remember many of those patients as if it were yesterday, for the physical and emotional challenges they were facing and the richness of relationships developed with them and their families. Many years of part-time hospital nursing while raising my family led to a position as radiation oncology nurse at Paoli Cancer Center in 1992.  While there I accepted the challenge to learn an exciting new role in cancer genetic risk counseling and with the mentoring of The Risk Assessment Program (RAP) here at Fox Chase Cancer Center, I helped to start a similar program in that community hospital.

In 1999 I was fortunate to join Dr. Mary Daly’s group in RAP as a research project manager and genetics nurse. There my work focused on care of women at increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer related to family history and inherited gene changes. It was a rich experience to work with advocacy groups who funded our development of Ovarian Cancer Risk-Reducing Surgery: A Decision-Making Resource. This book, now awaiting a fourth printing is provided free of charge to at-risk women considering removal of their ovaries.

Working with over 40 staff, patients and family members I spearheaded the making of the Fox Chase Cancer Center Ovarian Cancer Awareness Quilt in 2002 which hangs in the Women’s Cancer Center waiting room. My interests also lie in the area of integrative care and am working now with a multi-disciplinary team of Fox Chase staff on an Integrative Care Initiative, where a holistic mind/body/spirit approach to healing is being explored.

In 2005 I completed graduate studies at La Salle University with a Master’s Degree in Public Health Nursing. In November 2011 the transition to role of gynecologic navigator in the Women’s Cancer Center began an exciting adventure as part of gynecologic cancer team.  I’m so fortunate to be part of an amazing group of doctors, nurses & support staff who are not only at the top of their field clinically but are genuinely kind and compassionate people.

Being a navigator allows a place to offer all of who I am to women who are in a very vulnerable time in their lives. As a cancer survivor I know how important it is to have expert, caring professionals be present to listen, guide and walk side by side through the healing journey. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my heart and mind with all those who call.

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