Catherine MacFarland, RN, BSN, OCN

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Catherine MacFarland, RN, BSN, OCN - Nurse Navigator Image

Catherine MacFarland, RN, BSN, OCN

GI Nurse Navigator

In 2003, I was searching for a fulfilling, challenging nursing position. A friend suggested that I apply to Fox Chase Cancer Center. Since my hire, I have never looked back. Fox Chase's nursing staff is well-trained and knowledgeable. There is a feeling of pride in working for a world-renowned cancer center. My position as GI Nurse Navigator puts me in a great position to give back to the institution and our patients.

Formerly at Fox Chase, I've worked as a nurse on the Surgical Step Down Unit, as Chairman of the Performance Improvement Committee and as Nursing Supervisor. In these capacities I've gained invaluable experience understanding and satisfying our customer's needs. Patients are encouraged to be active participants in their own care by taking advantage of Fox Chase's extensive support services. Education takes place on a daily basis with the happy result that close relationships develop between staff and patients. As GI Nurse Navigator my role as educator has expanded to include helping patients weigh options, make considered decisions about their treatment and advocating for their particular needs. The GI Team's goal is always to ease the transition from diagnosis to treatment.

Previous to obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Temple University, I earned a degree in Fine Arts from the same university. As an artist, I looked at life somewhat differently from my peers. I was very optimistic, always continually aware of the great beauty that exists in life. I was encouraged to go into nursing by my family and happily, it was in nursing that I found my true calling. So many of my patients and co-workers echo my sentiments regarding the beauty of life. I have heard exceptional stories and been privileged to witness courageous acts of love. I’ve watched doctors and nurses work tirelessly to improve lives. I feel very fortunate to be part of a multidisciplinary team that administers cutting-edge treatment.

It is my pleasure and privilege to care for the patients at Fox Chase Cancer Center.