Bladder Cancer Patient Stories

  • Jay Kernan

    Jay Kernan

    In July 2009, Jay Kernan was referred to a local urologist to treat urinary bleeding and pain. Following several rounds of tests, Jay was diagnosed with advanced stage bladder cancer. “The urologist suggested I see an expert at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia,” shares Jay, who resides with his wife, Gaetana, in a rural section of Salem County, NJ. Gaetana expressed her desire for Jay to be treated in Philadelphia, where more advanced cancer treatment is available.

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  • Joseph Lindsay

    Joseph Lindsay

    When Joseph Lindsay detected blood in his urine in December 2013, he made an immediate appointment with his primary care physician and was initially treated for a urinary tract infection. Joseph was always proactive with check-ups, not only with his primary care physician, but with specialists as well.

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  • William O'Brien

    William O'Brien

    In 2015, Bill O’Brien and his wife, Jackie, celebrated 51 years of marriage. Spending time with friends is very important to them. During a weekly “breakfast club” outing in 2012 – where they meet a group of friends at a local restaurant for breakfast, Bill felt something wasn’t right with him. “I went to the rest room and I started experiencing urinary bleeding," recalls Bill, who realized he needed to see a urologist as soon as possible. Following an exam and testing, the urologist told him that something was detected on his bladder. Bill underwent a surgical procedure to remove the undiagnosed mass. For the next two years, his scans were clear. Then, something else was detected.

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  • Henry

    Henry "Bud" Olencki

    Living with cancer wasn't new to Henry "Bud" Olencki. Diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2003, Bud had localized tumors removed surgically on several occasions. But when the cancer spread to his prostatic urethra in 2009 what had become routine just wasn't working anymore.

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  • Marcia Renouf

    Marcia Renouf

    Bladder Cancer

    In February 2012, Marcia Renouf, 65, noticed blood in her urine. Knowing that was cause for concern, she quickly called her primary care physician. “My only symptom was blood in the urine. I saw my doctor that morning and had an ultrasound that afternoon,” Marcia recalls.

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