Triple Negative Breast Cancer

  • Diane Check

    Diane Check

    Like many women have experienced, Diane Check got a call back after a mammogram, something a little fuzzy on the films that needed further investigation. She had a follow-up ultrasound and was given a clean bill of health. That was in February 2013.

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  • Linda Snow

    Linda Snow

    As soon as Linda Snow learned she was adopted, she was curious about her roots. As a teen, she wondered about the health history of her birth parents. In addition to suggesting she have her first mammogram at age 30 to obtain a baseline, Linda’s OB/GYN referred her to the Risk Assessment Program at Fox Chase Cancer Center founded by Mary Daly, MD, PhD. 

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  • Marion Utain

    Marion Utain

    Marion Utain recalls hearing the worst news she could imagine: that she had breast cancer. And then, as she tells the story, the miracles started. A month after her annual gynecological exam in November 2011, Marion felt a large lump in her left breast. She made an appointment to see her doctor the next day.

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