Cervical Cancer Patient Stories

  • Holly Dixon

    Holly Dixon

    When Holly Dixon spent a spring weekend in New York city, her agenda wasn't taken up by the usual Broadway shows, shopping and sightseeing. Instead, Holly was attending the 2011 OMG Cancer Summit for Young Adults, an international oncology conference and social networking event for young adults affected by cancer.

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  • Jennifer Gilbert

    Jennifer Gilbert


    In June 2010, at the age of 35, Jennifer Gilbert felt alone in the world. Her brother was suffering from a terminal brain disease(and died two and half years later), her father passed away and her mother was caring for her grandmother in South Carolina. This recently divorced young woman accepted a new job as a veterinarian tech at a horse hospital in New Jersey where she didn’t know a soul. That’s when she began to experience uncontrollable bleeding and pain, which continued for several months. She sought medical attention from local physicians, but after several rounds of testing, no one had an answer. Finally, during a pelvic exam, a gynecologist suspected what could be wrong. Jennifer had cervical cancer.

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  • Anna Jolly Sadbeck

    Anna Jolly Sadbeck

    Cervical Cancer As she shared the story of her experience with cervical cancer, Anna Jolly’s baby, Paul Nicholas, was gurgling in the background. While most new mothers would be thrilled to have their first child at 30, Anna is especially thankful. Less than a year after getting married in August 2007, Anna, who was 26, went for a routine gynecologic exam.  She’d just finished her masters in education and was looking forward to starting a family.   Read more »