Carcinoid Cancer Patient Stories

  • Frances Hatalovsky

    Frances Hatalovsky

    At 74 years old most people have eased into retirement, or are at least thinking about doing so. Not Fran Hatalovsky. In fact, when she was told by her Fox Chase Cancer Center surgeon that carcinoid cancer had spread throughout her body, her main concern was whether she'd be able to return to work. Her surgeon assured her that he would do everything in his power to make it happen. Just 2 months after her surgeon performed a very complex procedure to remove the cancerous tissue that affected Fran's colon, small intestine, ovaries and liver, she was able to return to work and couldn't have been more pleased.

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  • Carol Kalinich

    Carol Kalinich

    Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumor

    In late October 2012, Carol Kalinich wanted to be at her local hospital. Her first grandchild was about to be born. Through an unfortunate series of events, Carol was taken to the emergency room and admitted to the hospital. But thanks to the diligent work of her medical team, she was discharged in time to be wheeled to the maternity floor to meet her granddaughter, Angelina Isabella. For Carol, that was just the beginning of her medical journey that eventually led her to Fox Chase Cancer Center.

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