Colon Cancer Patient Stories

  • Richard Bellis

    Richard Bellis

    Colon Cancer with Metastasis to the Liver

    In the fall of 1999 a routine colonoscopy detected polyps on Richard Bellis' colon followed by a biopsy of the polyps. The result? Richard had colon cancer.

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  • Gilberto Rolón

    Gilberto Rolón

    Everyone knows colonoscopies are no fun. Maybe that's why Gilbert Rolon waited until his 70th birthday before he had his first one. By that point, he was already having symptoms of colon cancer - and the colonoscopy confirmed his diagnosis of metastatic colon cancer to the lung. When his doctor learned Gilbert had grown children, he suggested they each have a colonoscopy because of family risk. His son Gilbert, Jr. was diagnosed with polyps, which were easily removed. "I was 45 at the time. If I had waited until I turned 50, I might have had cancer myself," he recalled. "I am the poster child for early detection."

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  • James Slade

    James Slade

    Jim Slade wants the world to understand the importance of cancer screenings, especially for prostate and colon cancers. The underlying reason for his concern is that both screenings may have saved his life.

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  • Albert Anderson

    Albert Anderson

    Colon Cancer

    In 2013, following a colonoscopy, Albert Anderson was told that polyps were discovered - one of which was larger than normal and this drew concern. He told his doctor that he noticed some blood in his stool and was informed by the gastroenterologist that the polyps were removed except for the one that raised the concern. After his third colonoscopy, Albert’s doctor explained an increased risk of damaging the colon as they tried to pare down the polyp. His doctor recommended a follow-up test six months later.

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  • Ray Beckler

    Ray Beckler

    In the summer of 1974, at the young age of 19, Ray Beckler developed severe hemorrhoids. His family doctor took one look and sent him to a surgeon. Four years post surgery Ray's symptoms remained.

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