Esophageal Cancer Patient Stories

  • Lee Mizrahi

    Lee Mizrahi

    Although he did not work directly for a hospital, Lee Mizrahi knows most of the area's hospitals inside and out. Lee spent 35 years working in hospital sales for a medical equipment company. His territory spanned from Washington, D.C. to Maine and as far west as Ohio. When it came time for Lee to choose a cancer hospital, it was one of the easiest decisions he would make.

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  • Jerry Vanderwoude

    Jerry Vanderwoude

    Benign Esophageal Tumor - Minimally Invasive Esophageal Surgery

    The summer of 2006 was no fun for Jerry Vanderwoude. He was the victim of a car accident that left him unable to work. He lost his job and spent the next 7 months looking for a new one. The following spring, Jerry landed a great new job as a refrigeration technician for Scanlon Associates in its steel plant. Just 4 months later, in the winter of 2008, Jerry began choking on his food at every meal. He wrote it off to the fact that he was eating too fast -- or maybe not chewing properly.

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